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Several Pink News readers in the UK have reported conversations with what they thought were real guys, only to realise that they were bots.

An Internet bot, also known as a bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet.

They are “mostly male, although we are seeing an alarming trend of female predators. A professional, upstanding in the community but leading a deviant lifestyle through the Internet.” Parents need to pay attention to their children’s online activity and take preventative measures to protect their children from online predators.

No one wants their child to be that victim that we read about in the news all too frequently.

Our goal is to provide you with a free online chat service that requires no registration.

Just enter your username, birthdate, and sex to start chatting.

Chatrooms are predators' dream come true and are the predominant online location where predators meet kids.

Sites like Omegle that invite kids to talk to strangers are a parent's nightmare.

Once the SMS Cams feature is integrated into your site, cam models and end-users are provided an opportunity for non-stop entertainment through directly exchanging SMS. One of the biggest fears that parents have when kids go online is online predators, especially since more than 40 percent of kids have computers in their bedrooms with webcams.The bad news is that according to FBI, “online predators are everywhere online,” and are working hard to engage children online.If you decide to send pictures of yourself or post them online, you can attract unwanted attention from people you don’t know or people you do not want to be talking to.You can lose control of your image and not know who is looking at your picture or where it may end up.

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