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When ordering an 'Original' bottleneck from our website, please take into account the thickness of the lip section (which shouldn't touch the strings) to achieve your favored slide length. If you wish to supply us with a ring-gauge measurement of your favored slide-finger, that'll also be fine for us to work from; or just a measurement of the internal diameter from a slide you currently own & use will work for us.For example - if you require a slide length of 56mm (2.1/4"), you'll need to request a total length of 64mm (2.1/2") so as to allow for the 'Original's 8mm of lip section which is left intact on this particular style of bottleneck slide. Another way to find your ideal slide internal diameter is to visit your local guitar store and try out some of the most commonly-stocked slides on the counter.And it's got the little 'fingerprint' by the pots and they can trace it back." If he's correct, this is pretty serious stuff.Several theories have been put forth over the decades regarding the guitar's fate—but the guitar has never been spotted, let alone authenticated.The guitar came here to Canada from Liverpool with a Georgetown Ontario family in the sixties. I felt since John’s passing that Julian should have it.

"It has a pretty plain top and it is in a collection on the East Coast of America.

If it hadn’t been canceled, I would have been happy to carry on playing Shirley Partridge for another four years,” Jones, 79, writes in the book.

“For me and all the rest of the cast, this was the end of an era.”Below, see seven of the biggest revelations from Jones’s days on was a much easier decision.

“His overriding sense of inferiority in the face of my success drove him into the arms of other women even more often than before.” After Jones caught Cassidy at a restaurant with another woman, he announced he wanted a separation, and the couple later divorced.3. In the memoir, Jones calls Bonaduce, who played Danny Partridge, “highly talented” and “really, really smart.” “But he was still a kid and would do kid things like get a dish of food and throw it across the room or have a pillow fight,” she writes.

“Danny was a wild child who came from an unhappy home.

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