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I've presented work on pricing of Paiste 602s and Sound Creations and have been collecting data on sales since 2005.

I've been collecting sales data on Avedis cymbals, and Turkish made K Zildjian cymbals since 2013.

If anybody gets very keen on the beginner, student or whatever you want to call them lines then email the materials to me and I'm happy to do the work of putting them in here.

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This Zildjian logo is from a 14 inch (1038 gram) cymbal.

A Zildjian Stamp Timeline Chinese Cymbals G Zildjian Cymbal Mystery Italian (UFIP) Cymbals K Zildjian - Canada & US Timeline K Zildjian - Constantinople Timeline K Zildjian - Istanbul Timeline Stamp Anomalies (new) This is the “first stamp” used for cymbals produced by Avedis Zildjian in the United States, starting in 1929.

The Arabic has a very specific look, appearing somewhat wide in the lettering. The A stamps use a stylized way of writing Avedis (” ‎‫و‬ه ‫ـض س‬‎ا “) across the top with the letters sort of piled on top of each other.

These two questions arise often on many drum and cymbal forums.

When the question is about Avedis Zildjian cymbals there doesn't seem to be a really good online place to turn.

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