My husband was dating a stripper

If you're actually into her and want to be guaranteed to see her again, just come back to where you know you can find her.

Show up before the club gets busy, buy her a drink, tip her for her time instead of getting a dance and see how it goes.

You can tell a lot about a man by how he acts in a strip club.

In fact, I know they're ignoring this inside knowledge, because I hear at least one screaming fight on a cell phone a night in the dressing room. He can do this in the club because we'll act like his BS is charming in order to get his money, because that means we win, and because we don't care what he thinks about us.

He loves to watch me dance and he loves watching my pole tricks and everything.

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If you're that keen on falling in love with a stripper, or at least seeing what she looks like in your T-shirt in the glow of your open refrigerator at midnight, be prepared to put in the Maybe she'll start to like you, or trust you enough to want to sit on your lap without a bouncer at her beck and call! "Most strippers I know love getting paid (read: validated) for feeling sexy and sharing that with others, and personally I’ll be doing this job for as long as it makes me happy. We like guys who walk in with respect for us and for the other clientele.In fact - I'm a lot more emotionally stable now, than I was then and to be honest, I probably wouldn't date a stripper now (well, I have a loving wife now actually).But yeah - to be honest, I guess when I was younger I kind of got-off on harmful, masochistic relationships.u There's nothing wrong with being a stripper, but it's not really relationship-appropriate. You've got to get over your jealousy if you like the girl. I think it's perfectly reasonable / rational to expect somebody to change their job for the betterment of a relationship. She’s a writer and she’s a stripper and in this special guest post she’s revealing the 10 secrets a stripper will never tell you. Jacq is a 20-something woman making her way in New York City.

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