Not my apple id when updating app store apps Chat nl room sex

If you paused an installation and then resumed it later, your session may have timed out.

See if update does not start at all.

Each of these problems is associated with certain error codes and prompts that serve as hints for end-users to identify the cause and obtain quick solutions.

Problem and the like, are often due to some troubles with the network, App Store, device settings, or problems on the app itself.

If you are within range of an available wireless network, open the "Wi-Fi" menu and make sure your device is connected to your local hot spot.Apple’s System Status webpage does not show any issues as of right now, but its support account on Twitter has responded to some users asking them to DM for more information.Today’s issues do not appear to be nearly as widespread and significant as last week’s prolonged outage, but nevertheless Twitter suggests that there are indeed issues.One of the most convenient things about the i Phone is that the download and installation of apps is completely automated -- you don't have to select a file location, create a folder name or choose your setup options.If your smartphone refuses to download new apps, however, try troubleshooting your device to pinpoint the source of the problem.

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