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For a list of recommended devices for installing h DD-WRT, please see Firmware FAQ#Which router should I buy? The user-friendly dd-wrt download page will help you identify the correct "killer" and dd-wrt firmware versions (as applicable) for your device as needed.

Before you try to take any actions, including loading any firmware to your router...the English Broadcom Forum Announcement entitled Peacock Thread It contains more information than just for those who are having problems. However, you must use the peacock thread and use the information in the Hardware-specific page to accurately identify your hardware and not create a problem that renders your router useless.

V1.0.4.2_10.1.10 for my Netgear R6250 Smart Home Router, none of my wifi enabled devices can connect to it.

All the SSIDs that my Router should be broadcasting appear on any device that I try to connect, but when I put in the correct password for any SSID, the device either gives be an error stating that it can't connect to the network, bounces me back to the screen where I have to enter the password, or claims that my password is incorrect.

When I tried to go to the configuration settings it asked for a password.

I am setting up this Linksys N300 to extend the range of our wifi, but upon setup it cannot find my wifi extender..

I'm following the set up instructions on the installation CD, but may be I am missing something..

The device is working and the problems I had encountered with slow Mac Book performance have been resolved as far as I can tell, but I can't log back into my C7.

I had changed my admin username and password previously, which isn't working, and it will not take user: admin pass: admin either.

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