Sedating antihistamines in children

The difference between them is really blurred." "Under some circumstances, the nonsedating formulas do cause sedation and in some cases, these sedating formulas do not," he tells Web MD."In some studies we reviewed, some people actually experienced more sedation with the newer, nonsedating formulas than with the older, sedating products.

"The first-generation antihistamines are more sedating, but the distinction isn't as black-and-white as the marketing of the newer products may lead you to believe.Most of the studies reviewed used doses that were twice the recommended amount -- 50 milligrams -- of diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in Benadryl and other first-generation "sedating" allergy medications."We're not saying that there's not a difference," says lead researcher Bruce G.In general, the safety of administering antihistamines – diphenhydramine included - depends on so many factors.2 yrs old may cause drowsiness so it’s therefore recommended that kids not be engaged in a lot of strenuous play during the duration of the treatment.

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