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right click on orange colour then Show view options and select background white !! Im just anxious to try it out since with the other Leopard dvd's I have been getting no root device error. Depending of your choice, you have to chose the EFI in "custom install" that corresponds(EFI_MBR or EFI_GUID). This might mean that the sleep and hibernate functions should also work too right? To Apple: Think of this as of a demo version and as of a free marketing campaign. If you really like Mac OS X Leopard and you want to use it, Next time, could you just a the Sil3232 base driver ? or would we have to use guid if we chose vanilla kernel.Most current (2011) CPUs support SSE2 and SSE3, so you may want to skip the next paragraph.It is recommended that your computer supports SSE3 for application compatibility, speed and performance.I’m sure Software Update is safe but don’t take my word for it.You can grab 10.5.5 at you run the downloaded file, open up Terminal and type “sudo su -” without the quotes.10.4.4 with the first generation of Intel-based Macs, the i Mac and the Mac Book Pro.These machines used Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) platform firmware instead of the older style BIOS found on most x86 motherboards at the time.

The effort started soon after the June 2005 Worldwide Developers Conference announcement that Apple would be moving its personal computers from Power PC to Intel microprocessors.This is a list of installation guides that will help you to get OSx86 up and running.If you are new to OSx86, please use one of the guides in the Recommended section.for mbr choice: we advise you to use an empty disk but if you have no other choice than installing Leo on a disk where windows is already installed, you should be aware of that the installer will active the leo partition, so to be able to boot again on your windows,you should install a bootloader (eg. intel sse2 systemvideo driversaudio driversnetwork drivers Vanilla kernel and acpi vanilla (wit reboot fix and ps2 support) ( you must select both of them) fairmount (dvd decript that work with vlc)VLC (video players for divx and various format)perian codec for quicktime (divx and various unsupported quicktime formats)Better zip (archive utility)Pacifist (pkg extractor and installer)kexthelper ( kext installer for noobz)transmission ( light weight torrent client)Google notifier (menubar notifier for your gmail account)PPF-O-Matic ( utility for applying ppf patch)stuffit expander ( for extract sit rar and zip archives)Change finder ( make visible or invisible system files)Colloquy (irc client)Solarseek (soulseek client)i have make a restore app ! it's only a few kbsee Si I 3132 32-bit universal Mac OS X 10.4.x BASE Driver 1.1.9 12/26/2006 154 KB Use this universal driver with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9 and 10.4.10 on Power Mac G5, Power Book G4, and Mac Book Pro. essentially what i'm asking is, with a blank HD is it recommended/preferable to select guid?Grub) , or you can active back the windows partition with fdisk and use chain0 (if your leo partition is under the 200gb of the HD). for Restore_Factory_Desktop_Finder_settings (default background,icons,dock)for change orange colour in window finder! Cheers, Wait wait, it's say jmicron compatible, so that's mean is you can use this release on your Ga-p35-dq6 mainboard, you can use a sata hdd with ide optical drive and don't get "still waitin for root devices" message!!! This might mean that the sleep and hibernate functions should also work too right? You can format your disk With GUID or MBR with the leo diskutil.

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