Vmware update manager not updating

Every now and then I need to find the version and build number of VMware v Sphere Update Manager that is running in a customer’s environment.I’ve written this post mainly as a reminder to myself, but hopefully it helps someone else down the track.Update Manager is available for all VMware v Sphere customers that also run v Center.It is a separate install on a Windows server that allows administrators to patch and upgrade ESXi-hosts but also to update virtual machines to the latest version of the VMware Tools and new virtual hardware.From here I usually head into the main VUM log file, which contains the build version in the first line.The logs are usually kept in the following folder, but this might differ depending on the OS / version you are working with: C:\Program Data\VMware\VMware Update Manager\Logs In here I look for the latest file (where x is a number): After opening it up, the first line will list the full version and build (see below), which we can then then use to cross check in the original KB article I linked to.VMware have a KB article for most of their products to correlate the build numbers with versions. Sometimes these aren’t always right up to date unfortunately.

At this time the client will list the virtual machines as unknown. To find out what virtual machines need to be upgraded right click the datacenter or folder and select .In this instance below, we’re looking at an install of VUM 6.0 U2.As I was writing this post, I did a quick search and about the only other thing I came across was this post on Reddit, in which one of the posters pointed out that you can also check the details on a file to find the version and build.When it comes to patching and updating ESX and ESXi hosts and VMs, solution providers have several options.Remote and local command line utilities are used to update hosts and VMs, and standalone applications, such as the v Sphere Host Update Utility and v Center Update Manager, are also helpful.

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